Day 3 - Bridge art Space

Ever since the tools emerged, we've subverted their purpose; instead of using honest cameras to present reality as it is, using them to capture something that has never, will never exist, and exposing the inner workings, the smoke and mirrors. As the sophistication of the tools multiplies, the smoke becomes denser and the mirrors more faceted. There are many layers of conversion and interpretation between the light that is, actuality, and the light that is represented, virtuality.


Video art installation 2-6pm, 5-12 March 2017


7pm - Midnight, 4 March 2017

Live experimental collaborative performances

21:00 Primal Nerve - Riar Rizaldi & Rega Ayundya Putri (Indonesia)

22:00 Plern Pan Perth x Tae Parvit x Jay Vattanakulljaras (Thailand)



C[h]amp de Réfugiés - Ligia Ramos and Leandro Muniz Barreto (France, 9:00)

Puerto Rico Tautology (14 Dubs High) - Rob Feulner (Vidéographe) (Canada, 6:59)

ants in the legs - Danielle Zorbas (Australia, 40:44)

VR - Manasak Khlongchainan (Thailand 19:44)

The Eucharist Machine - Nina Isabelle (USA, 4:48)

Fantasmata - Dimension Émotionnelle (Eléonore Cheynet, Christelle Conchon, Nicolas Malclès-Sanuy) (France, 24:15)

The Light of Happisadness - Arnont Nongyao (Thailand, 15:10)


VIRACTUALITY: Experimental SEQUENCE (Floor 3)

Bolero - Wing Chan (Hong Kong, 17:43)

Diplopia - Liew Niyomkarn (Thailand, 8:53)

Confrontational Electroencephalographic Re-Programming - John Franklin Aldridge (USA 11:17)

Apparution - Eleonore Cheynet (France 16:41)

12:12 - Youngjeong Oh (South Korea 4:07)

Circa.1967 - Eric Gaucher (Canada 9:11)

Sveitagong - Kristín Scheving (Iceland 2:12)

Echoists of the Takase River - Ananda Serné (Netherlands / Japan, 3:16)

Le Bulbe Tragique - Guillaume Vallée (Vidéographe) (Canada, 6:08)

Akt Mit Barke - Iris Ganz (Switzerland, 16:30)


HYPERSURREAL (mezzanine & Floor 3)

David Delgado Escribano


Hypersurreal (7:01) (Mezzanine)

Smoking Kills (1:54) (Floor 3)

Beuys Beuys Beuys (1:03) (Floor 3)

Energy Transmission (0:14) (Floor 3)



Chareon Krung (Saphan Taksin BTS)

13.717444, 100.514768

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