Candace Wise

Australia 11:05

A Gwen Stefani doll comes between the friendship of two housemates, Dan and Anthony. Tensions rise and culminate in a shocking end.


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Director Biography - Candace Wise

Candace graduated from Media Arts and Production at UTS in 2014. Since then, she's worked on music videos, ads and with visual artists as a production and exhibition coordinator. In her current role as coordinator at sound post production studio, Sonar Sound, she's had her name in the credits of TV series such as House Husbands, Love Child, The Wrong Girl and Air Rescue. However, crafting and moulding stories from the outset, through words, performance, images, sound and stellar filmmaking teams, is where her heart lies. GWEN was the chance she was waiting for to flex her dormant creative muscles.

Director Statement

GWEN is a fun, witty and quirky tale for anyone who's ever lived with a maddening friend, or in a looney share-house. Of course, it will also appeal to all the Gwen Stefani fans out there! However, in the case of Dan, Ant and the Gwen doll, it's hard to tell if Gwen is the victim or the villain...