Sorayos Prapapan

Thailand 15:40

Two sound recordists are working on a film. They realize that same as Thai government that never listen its citizen's voice, the audience don't care about the sound they worked hard on.

Death of the Sound Man - dir. Sorayos Prapapan.jpg

Director Biography - Sorayos Prapapan

Sorayos PRAPAPAN was born in 1986 in Bangkok. He began his career working as a production assistant for Apichatpong’s “Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives” (2010). He attended many film international workshop such as Asian Film Academy 2013, Talents Berlin 2016 and many more. His short film Boonrerm, Auntie Maam Has Never Had a Passport, A Souvenir from Switzerland and Fat Boy Never Slim was show in many international film festival including Rotterdam, Fribourg, Berwick, Curta Cinema, Kassaler Dok, Busan Short and Dokufest Kosovo. Now he's developing his first feature length Project "Arnold is a Model Student” which it won Hubert Bal Funds for developing Project. Besides a short film director, Sorayos is a sound recordist, foley artist and sound designer.