Supanee Limrojnugool

Thailand 29:57

An 18 year-old girl wants to find her mother's body by going to Ahong rapids where the locals believe that most of corpses always drift and end up there, but nobody dares to take her there at all except a stranger officer.

Ahong, on the other hand - dir..jpg

Director Biography - Supanee Limrojnugool

Supanee Limrojnugool or Nate was born on Sep 12th, 1995 in Bangkok, Thailand.

She's a 4th year student in the major of film and digital media
at KMITL University, Thailand.

Nate started to make a short film by herself since she was 16 years old as a directer and writer and got the first award from Thai Short Film and Video Festival 2014 with the first film "The way I want" a short film about the relationship between two girls who have to move apart. After that 2 years later, she made another short film (the title is Unknown) it got the honorable white elephant award from Thai Short film and Video festival 2016. Most of her works focuses on the detail of dramatic story and natural art-direction. Currently Nate is launching her new short film called "Ahong, on the other hand" which was shot in Buengkan and Nakhon Nayok province. This film is a student thesis project that she took almost 8 months to make it comes true cause this young girl always still believes the more you do, the more you learn.