Mingduan Wang

China, 18:47

Screening: 7:07pm Saturday 17 November

A man met a woman on a blind date. At the cafe, they found a game named 'The Life's Intersection' in a magazine. So they began to talk about the stories of each other. Their careers and identities have changed in these hypothetical stories. They met but separated in the stories they told. The two people in the reality and the created characters in the stories became an integral whole, difficult to distinguish true or false.

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Director Biography - Mingduan Wang

Mingduan Wang, a teacher in university, the art director of Creative Workshop of Drama and Film, the third stage young screenwriter student of Wu Tianming Film Foundation. Having been engaged in drama creation for many years and obsessed with movies for so long. His drama works have been selected in Shanghai International Art Festival, Wuzhen International Drama Festival, Beijing Nanluoguxiang Drama Festival for many times. He has won the honour of the Chinese Tian Han Drama Award, the best screenplay of the Tianjin Youth Drama Festival. His film works have been selected in more than 10 international film festivals, and won the best screenplay of TBIFF, best art direction of SFAFF, and the audience selection award of RCFF.

Director Statement

From the point of being in the digital society, the foundation of oneself as a kind of existence is crumbling. The Internet tears and breaks up us, finally sending us to the multiple space with changeable identities. In many times, we have no ego, but only to live elsewhere as the character of “others”. Seven years ago, when I wrote this script, I wanted to put these abstract ideas into a daily scene to explore (such as a café or a bakery), with a lost of disappointment and an attempt of answering questions. Now it is finally made into images. But what I feel more is the speed of time passing by. We are still wandering in the middle of the world. We are intertwined between the reality, fiction and fantasy with circling forever. Who am I? Who could I be? These questions are tiresome, but we can't help but try to explore again and again. Maybe there is no answer and no end. However, we can still comfort ourselves: the plight is being locked here, but hope is not far away.