Screening: 8:30pm Wednesday 19 December 2018, at Jam Cine Club Bangkok

Toby Clarkson

UK 1:20:00

A poetic essay documentary about listening that starts out following 3 sound artists (Chris Watson, Daniel Wilson and Jo Thomas) but takes a surprising turn when the director meets the deaf writer Louise Stern on a bus. Little Tsunamis interweaves a number of individual narrative threads, all held together by the story of the director's personal journey to edit the film. Along the way we pass through curious locations and chance encounters, culminating in an expanded horizon of listening beyond hearing.



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Toby Clarkson is a London based filmmaker, editor and artist who works at the intersection of sound, film and visual art. He is a founding member of sound art collective Oscillatorial Binnage who have performed at venues such as Tate Modern, Cafe Oto and The Welcome Trust. His installations and videos have been exhibited in galleries such as Metal Gallery Edge Hill and as part of the Showflat series of solo exhibitions in domestic spaces. He has edited award winning documentary strands such as Channel 4’s Unreported World and films such as Al and Al’s film The Demiurge (commissioned by HOME Manchester).