Nuankhanit Phromchanya

Thailand / Netherlands 31:47

The short film is a projection of alienated life of contemporary art makers, through a story of an Amsterdam-based Thai artist, Chavalit Soemprungsuk (1939), who has been living in the perpetual in-between worlds for the past 50 years. The film explores personal lifelong dilemmas of Soemprungsuk; of being part of the two cultures, the dedication to the art and the constraint of living in the society, the choice between fame and solitary, and the blurring boundaries between physical and digital realities. Nuankhanit Phromchanya, the filmmaker, has moved from Bangkok to Amsterdam in 2011 to pursue a master's degree in Design at Sandberg Instituut. Though being a person of a different generation, she found his life story a relevant illustration of today’s existential struggle of creative individuals, including one of her own. By putting together a series of informal and sometimes random conversations with the senior artist, ‘Whether it is art or not’ aims to take viewers on a personal journey of unraveling oneself through art and the making of art itself.

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