Nina Isabelle

USA 4:48

In The Eucharist Machine, information is skewed by a presentation of jumbled non-linear facts and fiction, science, pseudoscience, and science fiction. Inaccurate grammar and linguistics push the concept even further by incorporating cockamayme Thai / English subtitles and voice-overs produced by Google Translate and Apple’s Text To Speech system preference in a process that reverse-legitimizes the information. The Eucharist Machine is what happens when the under informed articulate with high-tech features. Information lost in translation becomes a sort of up-cycled spirituality- a futuristic projection of possible renewal of the crumbling dialogue between spirituality, commodity, and financial value. The Eucharist Machine takes a serious, culturally backwards, multigenerational look what it means to be sanctified.

The Eucharist Machine is written, directed, and edited by International artist Nina Isabelle. Inspired by Chris Lehmann’s book The Money Cult: Capitalism, Christianity, and the Unmaking of The American Dream, The Eucharist Machine addresses language, perception, belief, cults, sanctification, and family programming.