David Delgado Escribano

Spain 7:01

"Certainly we live in quite a surrealistic world. And from now on, it seems it is going to be more and more surreal. An overlapping of layers of hyper-reality: Virtual societies, augmented reality, interfaces more and more, integrated in our daily basis. Our living experience is becoming a compilation of representations trying to become more convincing, more credible. We are approaching a world which will become an image super-sharp, super-augmented, of something that is, in fact, a nonsense.”

This video is conceived like a photo, something to be observed quietly. But with the time as an extra dimension. There are represented some very common and daily elements, plenty of symbolism: an egg and water. There is not a special speech. I just want to suggest. The sound in the background gives a layer of reality. I want to highlight that this video is shot straight with my camera in a determined place and moment. There is not editing, nor special effects, just filmed on place.