Sorayos Prapapan

Thailand 13:46

For male Thai citizens, military service is mandatory. Every year, all male citizens who reach 21 years old have to ‘pick the lottery’. Those who pick the black one will be exempted from military service, while those who pick the red one have to spend 2 years in the army. However, there are more ways to avoid the military service. High school students can enrol in a 3 year territorial defence course. The students who enrol in the course will have to train once a week. Those who complete the course will be exempted from conscription, but to enrol this territorial defence course, schoolboys must pass the physical test first. Those who don’t pass the test will not be allowed to join the course, and at the end, have to try their luck picking the lottery at the military drafting. 2015, under the rule of the military junta, two fat schoolboys don’t want to serve in the military when they turn 21. They want to enrol the territorial defence course, but they need to pass the physical test. Will fat boys like them be able to pass the test?