Dimension Émotionnelle (Eléonore Cheynet, Christelle Conchon, Nicolas Malclès-Sanuy)

France 24:15

Fantasmata is a closed session that play with imitations, illusions and appearances. Four characters gathered around a table seem to take part to a corporate meeting. The purpose of this meeting escapes us, each protagonist defends a point of view, a positioning, supporting his remarks with obscure slogans. The conversation is organized around the manipulation of broken artifacts. From these abstract waste forms, begins a hallucinatory fiction. The reflective surface of the meeting table transforms the objects into enigmatic and intangible presences. Like a virtual space, this fantasy zone echoes back images and reminds the symmetry of psychological Rorschach tests. Nested discourses issued from different specialized fields like advertising, physics, architecture, design, divination, psychology, marketing, etc evokes the convolutions of a scattered brain. Fantasmata is build like a prism of intermingled temporalities through which this small group of humans seems to try to solve the mystery of their existence.

Dimensions Emotionnelle