Jade Chorkularb (Thailand / UK, 5:12)

In this whimsical piece UK based Thai artist Chorkularb, poses the seemingly simple hypothetical question, ‘What would you do if you had 1 hour left of your life?’ She then illustrates live the seven response. The result is a non-morbid, almost casual contemplation of death. A death row inmate's ‘last meal’ are immediately brought to mind. Most of us will never have the privilege or responsibility of having such foreknowledge. I would personally rather not know.

The completely selfish question makes us wonder what we hold important in this physical realm. In our current manifestation, what would we do with the remaining 60 minutes of it? Whether choosing to spend our remaining money frivolously, with literally no care for tomorrow, or spend time with family and loved ones, or indulge in worldly pleasures or get completely naked and free with no consequence. What comes comes out are our inner fantasies and desires. Activities we enjoy but clearly do not act on often enough, for social, moral or other self imposed constraints.