Youngjeong Oh

South Korea 4:07

12:12 is the question about time which was made with images shot in Germany, France, Australia and Korea. At each moment when we repeat meeting and separating over and over again like ceaseless wind, I ask how awake we live.

This work expresses various kinds of time that humans divided implicitly, which can mean that each divided portion time is opposing each other selectively. Each portion of time named all differently in daily lives moves in the regular patterns while they hold their own standards. However, when we face time, as if we stood in front of the mirror, we only focus on the objects shown selectively by the focal point that moves with each being’s free will, on the part of the object, or on the objects that we chose to see rather than each moment that we encounter.

The combination of ‘month’ and ‘day’ that is displayed as ‘hour’ and ‘minute’ is written symbolically like time in the clock, and expresses small units of time through big units implicitly.

While audiences watch the works, I intentionally make the audience miss the symbol and sound of time, and recommend them to follow the time I decided arbitrarily or let it go, so that they can stay at the moment for a while. Through the works, I let audiences think about the selective time that they miss or focus on, so that they can ask themselves how much they can feel the present that they face at each moment.

Youngjeong Oh