Pakorn Yooin

Thailand, 55:00

Screening: Saturday 17 November 2018

A story of a boy, Frame, that didn’t understand his father who left his stable job and became a freelance musician. It made his family become unstable. Frame, that was about to go to college and still didn’t know what he really wanted to be, had to discover himself to become a family’s leader instead of his father.

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Director Statement 

The idea of making this film was me not knowing why my father chose to leave his stable job to became a freelance musician. This made my family became unstable and lead to many problems. I wanted to understand my father by making this film.

Since I started this project, it was like I could understand him more and more by my screenplay writing. In the production process, I had to rely on him in many things such as, musical instruments, stage access and money. We fought sometimes but at last we tried to understand each other. And, I realised that the story of mine and a story of this film became the same things. This made it a personal coming of age film for me.