Screening: 8:30pm Wednesday 21 November 2018, at Jam Cine Club Bangkok

Kshitij Sharma

India 1:26:00

Dev Bhramar strikes an unusual deal with home-care nurse Maya, to look after his ailing mother in her last days, triggering a chain of events which will plunge all of them into an abyss of unimaginable darkness. An adaptation of legendary author Guy De Maupassant's short story, Le Diable.

Made on a small budget of USD 15k, the film is the fifth film overall and third feature by Cineddiction Films, a small group of 6 ardent film addicts who manage all aspects of production amongst themselves. Collectively the films made by Cineddiction have garnered over 30 awards in various film festivals worldwide.


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Director Biography - Kshitij Sharma

Kshitij Sharma is an award winning independent filmmaker from India and a trained actor in The Sanford Meisner method from The Barry John Studio. Kshitij started his career as a radio artist with All India Radio in 1999 before moving onto full time filmmaking with his directorial debut, the Internationally acclaimed indie short film, Kaalchakra (The Circle of Time). Since then his films have enjoyed a lot of success in the International Film Festival circuit. Devil is Kshitij's third feature film.

Director Statement

Adapted from a short story by legendary French author, Devil is a tale of everyday people trying to keep their moral fabric intact when faced with an unexpected situation. When Dev Bhramar strikes an unusual deal with home-care nurse Maya to look after his ailing mother in her last days, the events that follow will test both of them on every yardstick that measures humanity, compassion and moral obligation. Devil is a film that implores one to look deep within the corners of our soul where sometimes we are scared of what we might find.

I have always been an admirer of Guy De Maupassant. His ability to hit the emotional chords of the readers with everyday characters and close to life situations have always fascinated and inspired me as a storyteller. ‘Devil’ was a story that had lingered with me ever since I first read it years ago. What Maupassant wrote over a hundred years ago still resonates with the same impact. Perhaps now in this time and age, we need a strong moral compass within ourselves more than ever. In a time where our private lives are increasingly becoming more and more publicly accessible, our definition of morality has shifted towards doing what “looks" right rather than what “feels” right. The question then remains, when the ‘Devil’ looks into the mirror who does he see?

Devil is a film made with a lot of passion and a burning desire to share this important story with as many people as we can through the medium of cinema. The entire production team of the film consists of only 6 people who managed all aspects of production among themselves. The cast doubled up as the crew when not filming their scenes. We have sold our stuff, took out loans and incurred heavy debts to self fund this film. If you end up enjoying the film, all the efforts and pain we have have put into making it will seem worth it to us. Happy viewing and keep supporting independent cinema. Jai Hind!