Victor Goodview

Victor Goodview

Screening: 8:30pm Wednesday 7 November 2018, at Jam Cine Club Bangkok

Vincent Turturro

USA, 1:21:28

In the Yonkers ghetto – on the outskirts of New York City – aimless-white boy-millennial Victor finds himself without a job and short on the utility bill. To make matters more… uncomfortable, he hasn't had a bowel movement in longer than he can remember. ‬ 
‪Victor seeks solace by making friends of dubious character, smoking crack of dubious quality, and pursuing women of dubious intent. As Victor readies himself for his desperately needed dead-end job interview, the consequences of his lifestyle catch up with him.

Hurry Slowly

Hurry Slowly

Screening: 8:30pm Wednesday 14 November 2018, at Jam Cine Club Bangkok

Anders Emblem

Norway, 1:10:00

Hurry Slowly is a warm slice-of-life film about Fiona and her younger brother Tom, whom she takes care of. We follow Fiona over a few life-changing summer months on the north-western coast of Norway, where she juggles the care of her brother, her job at the local ferry and her interest in music.

Man in Camo

Man in Camo

Screening: 8:30pm 28 November 2018, at Jam Cine Club Bangkok

Director Ethan Minsker will give an introduction before the screening and take a Q&A after

Ethan Minsker

USA, 1:24:00

Man in Camo is an explosive commentary on the life and times of filmmaker and artist Ethan Minsker, a Washington D.C. native. Growing up on the turbulent streets in D.C. in the 1980s was violent and uneasy, but Minsker found solace in his home, making films and growing his own artistic credibility.

Navigating a diagnosis of dyslexia, the abrasiveness of the punk scene, and political parents, Minsker takes us on a journey through the mind of a man who has leapt over hurdles in order to make art that matters. He displays his thought process from making creative films to fanzines and aggressively reiterates why a creative life is important to society and to life itself. The film is complete with commentary from Minsker, as well as those close to him, including his mother and personal friends. Now a father, Minsker looks back on the times that shaped the man he is today.

Man in Camo explores the intricacies of what it means to be a modern artist, and why art is still so important to the world at large. Minsker’s overarching message is more than just skin deep: art is all around us, but we must be militant to become a part of it. And so, clad in camo, the artist hides in plain sight, silently growing and making your world that much more colorful.



Screening: 8:30pm Wednesday 21 November 2018, at Jam Cine Club Bangkok

Kshitij Sharma

India 1:26:00

Dev Bhramar strikes an unusual deal with home-care nurse Maya, to look after his ailing mother in her last days, triggering a chain of events which will plunge all of them into an abyss of unimaginable darkness. An adaptation of legendary author Guy De Maupassant's short story, Le Diable.

Made on a small budget of USD 15k, the film is the fifth film overall and third feature by Cineddiction Films, a small group of 6 ardent film addicts who manage all aspects of production amongst themselves. Collectively the films made by Cineddiction have garnered over 30 awards in various film festivals worldwide.

The Foundation of Criminal Excellence

The Foundation of Criminal Excellence

Screening: 8:30pm Wednesday 5 December 2018, at Jam Cine Club Bangkok

Oskars Rupenheits

Latvia, 2:06:00

Imants Veide is writing a script about con artists and their schemes. Together with his friend Harijs Kuharjonoks he's trying them out for real for greater authenticity, but gets too entangled in real criminal schemes.


Screening: 8:30pm Wednesday 12 December 2018, at Jam Cine Club Bangkok

Director: Jo-Anne Brechin. Screenwriter: Claire J Harris

Australia, 1:26

Bernard is the thirty-something he always planned to be. He has a successful career, a meticulously neat beachside apartment and a hairstyle with just the right amount of gel.

He adores his girlfriend Sarah who’s about to move in when she returns from overseas. But Bernard’s pristine existence is turned upside down when Sarah confesses her holiday romance.

To salvage the relationship, Sarah insists they equal the playing field: Bernard should sleep with another woman.

A man who would never cheat is asked by the woman he loves to have sex with someone else to save their relationship — a compromise which may ultimately destroy them, as love becomes corroded by jealousy.

Little Tsunamis

Screening: 8:30pm Wednesday 19 December 2018, at Jam Cine Club Bangkok

Toby Clarkson

UK 1:20:00

A poetic essay documentary about listening that starts out following 3 sound artists (Chris Watson, Daniel Wilson and Jo Thomas) but takes a surprising turn when the director meets the deaf writer Louise Stern on a bus. Little Tsunamis interweaves a number of individual narrative threads, all held together by the story of the director's personal journey to edit the film. Along the way we pass through curious locations and chance encounters, culminating in an expanded horizon of listening beyond hearing.


Screening 8:30pm Wednesday 26 December 2018, at Jam Cine Club Bangkok

Soda Jerk

Australia / United States 55:00

TERROR NULLIUS is a political revenge fable which offers an un-writing of Australian national mythology. It works entirely within and against the official archive, in order to achieve a queering and othering of Australian cinema. Part political satire, eco-horror and road movie, TERROR NULLIUS is a world in which minorities and animals conspire, and not-so-nice white guys finish last. Where idyllic beaches host race-riots, governments poll love-rights, and the perils of hypermasculinity are overshadowed only by the enduring horror of Australia’s colonising myth of terra nullius.