Bangkok Underground Film Festival serves as a diverse platform for filmmakers from all walks of life & from all parts of the world who are serving to tell the stories which may have had limited exposure to a wider audience. We celebrate emerging and unconventional cinema that may lie outside of mainstream narrative, including student work and experimental work. Invitations are open to the bizarre, the specific, the confronting and the abstract with the goal of enriching culture and broadening the boundaries of cinema.

Bangkok Underground Film Festival 2018 is a 'pavilion' of the inaugural Bangkok Biennial.

Now in the third year running Bangkok Underground Film Festival has hosted multiple screenings and installations in different venues across Bangkok, in both cultural spaces such as Museum Siam, Bridge Art Space, as well as unconventional venues such as and the Gallery VER car park and Arunkarn.

Bangkok Underground Film Festival is organised primarily by filmmaker Sam Freeman from emesis and venue owner Dhyan Ho from Jam Cafe Bangkok. Previous festival co-organisers have also included Lee Anantawat from Speedy Grandma and photographer Tada Hengsapkul.

We have previously collaborated with or been supported by Panda Records, Noise Market, Museum Siam, Leftover Studio, VS Service, Projectionist Asia, Montage 340, World LPG Group, Bridge Art Space, Gallery VER, Tentacles Gallery and Goethe-Institut.